“My Little Changes Amount to Big Benefits” Deepak Chopra.

I don’t believe “the kitchen” is like “the office” or “the gym” where you HAVE to go, but either a sanctuary or a play ground.  Cooking is an art and craft.  The worse consequence that could happen is you feed your concoction to a grateful dog or the garbage disposal.  This cooking service is for you if you don’t feel like meditating or playing in the ingredients or banging pots and pans.  I do.

I’ve designed the Quick Meals and the Family Meals in the personal chef service with foods I like to prepare and eat.  Every meal for you is fresh and crispy or warm and gooey, light or hearty depending on your mood.

You could say the style of food I prepare falls into the kinda quirky/a little adventurous point of view.  In price, it’s above Taco Bell, but below Troutdale, a good mid-range, I reckon.  Family friendly, vegetarian, vegan, slow and low carb are your choices.  Even if I make a meatloaf for you it will be made without complications or unknown ingredients, just real and edible.

Kitchen Disobedience is the Beth and the Biscuit Personal Chef service designed to bring us back to the farm, to the table, to the family through the fork.  Together we’ll feed your families by intentionally and radically moving away from the Standard American Diet.  We will enjoy the nourishment of whole foods, simply prepared.  I’ll shop, cook, and do the dishes though.

The Morning Notes and Meal Plans are my gift to busy parents that I wish I had when I was in my early thirties.

Recently, I’ve shown up for a couple of minutes on DayTime Tri-Cities, with Morgan and Amy on WJHL TV Johnson City, TN.  I rattle on to the set every other Friday to put together a fast, family friendly meal featuring Food City items.  Sometimes I put together full menus for special occasions.

We’re growing our own food now on a farm in southwest Virginia and loving it.

If anything you see on this blog appeals to you, please drop me a comment.


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