Morning Notes and Weekly Meal Plans

Every day I study A Course in Miracles. Many, many times I’ll read something that blows my mind and I copy it. Those are “Morning Notes”.
Every Sunday, I sit down in the morning with a cup of coffee, Ezekiel toast, and might Meta Givens; The Modern Family Cook Book. I’ve learned that if I plan on ONE day for the meals for the week, I can use what’s in the fridge that remains from last week as well as save a load of money and stress. I even plan on lazy days and left over days.
It takes all day to plan on the week’s meals as something house-holdy comes up, like plant the garden, mow the lawn, take a walk, play with the cats, and enjoy my Sunday. I’m posting the meal plans, but the recipes will come through out the week. From the shopping or “Needed” list, I can pretty much put together the menu item without a recipe.
All the menus and meals are flexible. We tend to eat vegetarian, with an occasional fish fry thrown in..

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