Rejuvenate  +Heal + Detoxify

Add-On Menu

Organic and Whole Food Juices and Smoothies

2, 8 oz re-useable lidded jars


Quick Energy or Protein Bars

gluten-free, sugar-free, whole food, minimal ingredients

12 portions each


Salads: Leafy or Fruity plant-based.

A million seasonal and mostly local combinations

4, 4 oz portions


add pastured chicken or sustainable Alaskan seafood 4 oz portions

$3.00 each

Fresh Salad Dressings:

homemade French, Italian, Tarragon, Sesame Seed, Hispanic, French Tomato, Balsamic or Yogurt, Ginger, Orange, and Honey Fruit salad Dressing

4 oz portions


Homemade Breakfast Mixes:

Choose from homemade, whole-grain, vegan fruit and nut pancake mix, muesli, and hot cereal mix.

16 oz lidded, re-useable jar


add Yogi Honey: blend of local honey with fresh garden herbs and spices 2 oz


Other Refreshments: Re-Hydrating Pineapple Coconut Water, Fresh Almond Milk, Pure Indian Kalami Chai Tea Concentrate

2, 8 oz re-useable lidded jars





From Beth and the Biscuit’s Personal Chef Service

Kitchen Farmacy

Your food becomes you

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