Labor Day Pull-Apart Italian Beef and Broccoli Salad

0829 Fresh Broccoli Salad and….


Sunday supper during the summer needs to have an “easy” button to push. Juicy Italian Beef sandwiches from your slow-cooker, piled on School House sandwich buns with a snappy, fresh broccoli salad, and red, ripe, sliced garden tomatoes creates that button! Add a Sweet Tea Icebox Tart and you can imagine the gracious smell of southern magnolias.


The original recipe for the Italian Roast Beef comes from Thousand Hills Cattle Company in Minnesota. I’ve adjusted it for use in the slow-cooker, easy preparation, and just because I don’t want my kitchen heating up during August Dog Days. Round Tip Roast on sale this week at Food City.


Broccoli Salad is excellent and wonderfully refreshing for the wind-down of the summer-going-into-fall garden. It comes from a Farm to School program cookbook in Vermont, New School Cuisine. The website has a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Cookbook of all these tried, true and tested, tested, tested recipes. I’ve not found one yet that I didn’t like, or the families that I cook for didn’t wolf down. Please take a look. Broccoli is also on sale this week at Food City. The recipe calls for raw broccoli, but I’ll blanch the flowerets, I find them more digestible when a bit of the “rawness” is softened out of them.


We make gallons and gallons of slightly sweetened iced tea throughout the summer. I am a southerner, after all. The recipe for Sweet Tea Icebox Tart comes from Southern Living and is a tangy, light bit of sweet at the end of the meal. I’ll be making small, individual tartlets in min-muffin tins.

Update! Nope I didn’t make that Sweet Tea Icebox Tart on the show. It’s worth a little effort though, so please click on that link.

The link to the last segment on Daytime Tri-Cities Friday, August 29.  Fun times.  Give it a click!