Zen-Flow (a.k.a. One Big Ass Recipe) Class

It’s occurred to me I’d like to help people feel at ease in the kitchen.  I also wondered why people spend more time in the gym than in the kitchen.

I think people are intimated by the pots, pans and (worse thing of all) criticism.  Maybe a little of the clean-up too is disturbing.

Preparing multi-meals for many in a short span of time is what I do.  I’ve learned – the hard way – how to do the planning, shopping, and cooking in a relaxed, easy manner that takes away the arrgh.  It’s called Zen-Flow Cooking Method.

The first part of September, I taught a class in The Method at Southwest Virginia Higher Education center as a part of the “Cooking Along the Crooked Road” series.  I’ve attached the syllabus in pdf format in this blog.  Print these out, shop it and follow along.  If you’ve any questions, ask here.  B.

Oh, yeah.  The above link takes you to the class information.  I’m teaching another class coming up in October.

NewsletterZenClass1 (click this link!  You’ll get the class syllabus)
NewsletterZenClass1recipes (Click this link and you’ll get all the recipes from the class)